"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path."

- Psalm 119:105

What is your favourite bible verse?

So many times, when this question is asked, I am not surprised that people gravitate towards such an array of beautiful verses, with many that are centred around the theme of hope, strength, salvation and guidance. The words of the bible have an incredible power of slipping into our thoughts, especially during the times of our need. Whether it be through grief, or fear, or despair, God's voice comes through for me, and others, and guides our souls to a place of safety, reassurance, healing, and connection with God.

I confess, although I have been a Christian for many years, I struggled with reading the Bible in completion. Many times, I have tried various bible reading plans and while I have a great love for certain parts of the bible, there are some that are difficult to persevere through. Finally this year though, with the help of a bible plan generator that can customize a checkbox schedule for me to better pace my reading schedule, I am able to progress through daily bible reading without fail. In sharing my journey with my small group bible study, I also formed an accountability system to help me push forward even through passages that I find challenging to digest. The result is that it led me to discover passages, narratives, and important messages in the bible that I had never learned before. These words became powerful and important to me as I navigate one of the more challenging years of my life as I navigate through changes, and life challenges, grief and difficulties. I know now how important it is to read and understand the bible, from beginning to end.

If you have ever walked in the dark before, suddenly having a light in the path not only orientates you to the right way. It can put your fears at peace knowing that it can show you the way to where you need to be--whether it be home or to a desired destination. Light on the path also makes the things on and around the path visible, helping you appreciate the beauties of things you may have missed had you been in the dark, and be aware of obstacles and dangers that you may need to sidestep.

This is what God's Word can do for you. It can light your way to show you the way home to Him; it can give you hope and peace; and it can make things clear and visible so you can appreciate your journey fully, avoiding the things along the path that can make you stumble or hurt you.

Let God's words be a lamp for your feet, and a light in your life.

Reflection: Do you have time dedicated for daily bible reading? If so, how can you maintain this habit? If not, what steps can you take to help you get started?


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