Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

- Colossians 3:15

In the bible, God is sometimes described as God of peace, and peace is inherently one of the fruits of the Spirit. The peace of Christ is also central to the characteristic we think of when we think of Jesus. Have you stopped, and think, though, why peace is associated with God and why having God in our lives has the outcome of peace?

Surely, when we consider how we have sinned and disobeyed God, we have experienced and seen the wrath and judgment of God. The bible is not without narratives of war or despair, and turmoil and disruption. So how then, is God also a God of peace? What is this peace about?

Upon reflection, I believe that peace is not a description of external situations free from chaos. By the very nature of the earthly trials, we will encounter disputes, disagreements, troubles and tribulations. Instead, our peace comes from freedom from anxiety and doubt, for when we know Christ and are firmly rooted in Him, we are tranquil and steady. We are assured of salvation through our faith, and in this faith, we are lifted by light out of darkness. Our peace enables us to connect with others in fellowship, striving towards the same love as the body of Christ. Our peace comes from the harmonious unity with God, with an unwavering strength of love God has for us. We know that God is watching over us, and that we are redeemed through Christ. The daily struggles, the hardships, the pain and suffering are temporary--for the bigger battle has already been won. Thus, our hearts and souls can have peace.

Next time you are at church and you greet your neighbour with the phrase, "peace be with you", consider what at joyous gift we have in Christ.

Reflection: I have provided one interpretation of why God is a God of peace, and yours may be different. In your view, how is Christ, God, and the Spirit the bringer of peace in your life?


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