In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.

- Job 12:10

The beginning of a new year prompts me to think about the start of things. Whether it be the start of new routines, new goals, or new habits, I feel rejuvenated as though I am on the cusp of a great journey. One of my goals this year is to dive deeper into the Word of God, embarking on a 3.25 year plan to read the bible slowly and taking the time to understand.

The bible begins with Genesis, and the creation of the world is one that I've been familiar with in my Christian life, everything from the seven days it took for the creation of the earth to Adam and Eve. Yet, by reading the bible slowly, and digesting the text through repetition and thoughtful contemplation, I marvelled at the incredible power and thought God had shown in the creation of the earth as we know it. Every living thing was formed and crafted by God, and the mechanisms of how things work including day and night, sky and sea, land and water--they were designed beautifully, with complexity and perfection. We are made alive because God breathed life into us.

When you stop and appreciate how everything around you and in you is made by God, you cannot help but recognize how powerful and marvelous God is. It makes all the problems and issues and troubles in life seem trivial, compared to the immense control wielded by God. It also brings a sense of gratefulness and appreciation. This is why when people spend time in nature, they attest that they can see evidence of God because they have the ability to pause and take in the beauty of God's creation.

And you, as a part of God's creation, can feel the love and care He took in making you.

Reflection: As you begin 2023, reflect on how you may be able to spend more quiet time with God. Spend some time in nature and use the opportunity to marvel at the magnificent creation God had made.


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