In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.

- Romans 8:26

Sometimes, we are in situations where we feel overwhelmed. We feel like we ought to pray, but we don't know what words to use, or how to even start. We may feel tired, scared, confused, frustrated, and in pain. Yet in those moments of weakness and helplessness, the Spirit hears us and is able to speak for us. The Spirit connects us to God, through our groaning, yearning, and hoping for what we do not have. In our core, our hearts are looking to be closer to God, suffering in the moments when we are apart from the Father who loves us.

This Father is one who knows what is in our heart and the Spirit that is in us. He knows our pain and joys, our needs and wants. We do not have to come up with the perfect words. In fact, Jesus Himself warned us against babbling away and against making a show of it in public. Prayer is to be done in private, as an intimate conversation with God. Words can be few, because God already knows every hair that is on our head. He knows what we need. Our prayer is not measured by how many words we use or how eloquent the prayer is. We just need to come to him, and pray. The Spirit will intercede for us.

Let the Spirit do the talking.

Reflection: Take a moment today and just come to God, and pray. Let the Spirit guide you and help you pray.


Take a moment in reading a short devotional on Spirit in Prayer, and give yourself time to pray today. Christian Calm Radio has hymns, contemporary worship music, and traditional praise music to help you with your quiet time with God.