“In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God's angels when even one sinner repents.”

- Luke 15:10

Every time I leave my home, I generally bring with me my personal phone, my work phone, my keys, and my wallet. Somehow, from time to time, in the busy rush of getting from place to place, I inevitably misplace one of them. Most likely, I have either left my keys by the shoe rack when I was putting on my shoes, left my wallet at my work desk, or left my phone in my car when it slipped out of my pocket when I sat down. The search can sometimes be lengthy and frantic, and the stress of the experience is distressing. I often pray that I have not lost the item for good and bargain with God, which does not make sense. The relief that comes from finding the item though is tremendous. The joy and happiness that runs through my body is unmistakable as pure elation. Strangely enough, during the time I am looking for the lost item, I cannot comment as to what attention I was giving to the other three items.

In a similar manner, the parable of the lost coin helps us relate to this experience of how we focus to try to look for what is lost. In the story, a woman with ten silver coins has lost one, and she would light a lamp and sweep the entire house carefully. She won't rest till she finds it. When she does, she calls her friends and neighbours over to rejoice with her.

When we as human beings are lost as sinners, God seeks us out. We are important to Him. And when one of us who is lost is found, we all rejoice. When others are lost, we should not be apathetic, but we should be actively reaching out and helping those who are lost. And when one of them returns to our family, we all rejoice, much like the parable of the lost son that follows.

We are all so valuable and God cares for us and will look for us. If you ever feel lost, know that you have not been forgotten and you are never abandoned. Seek God out as He is seeking you out, and we shall rejoice upon your return.

Reflection: Is there anyone in your life that you feel is lost? How can you show that you care and how can you show compassion and love to help the individual find their way in life, back to faith?


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