“So you, too, must keep watch! For you do not know the day or hour of my return.”

- Matthew 25:13

The parable of the ten bridesmaids tells the tale of five bridesmaids who had prepared appropriately and brought extra oil, and five who were foolish and did not bring extra oil. In this story reflected in Matthew 25:1-13, Jesus is trying to help us relate to how we should prepare for the kingdom of heaven.

In the narrative, the bridegrooms were delayed and the bridesmaids waited for a long time, drowsy and unknowing as to when the bridegrooms would arrive. When the bridegrooms were arriving, those who did not bring extra oil had to go to the shops to purchase extra oil and missed the arrival of the bridegrooms. Those who did prepare in advance joined the bridegrooms and entered into the wedding feast. The bridesmaids who missed out begged to be let in but were turned away as the Lord said He did not know them.

In the same way, we are all awaiting the kingdom of heaven and the return of Christ. We do not know the hour and there are times we may grow tired. The story warns that we should not be caught and we should be ready at all times. Planning for the kingdom of heaven requires extra thought and effort, but when the hour comes, we would miss the opportunity to enter the kingdom of heaven if we are caught unprepared. Developing a relationship with Christ takes time and commitment. It doesn't happen overnight.

Reflection: How might you prepare for the kingdom of heaven? What do you think would leave you unprepared and how can you remedy this?


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