"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock."

- Matthew 7:24

In the field of emergency management and response planning, one of the areas that professionals look at is not only to plan to respond to floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, or storms. There are policies and bylaws in place to ensure that residential areas are built in safe areas and that houses are built to a certain building code. These are important as a preventative measure to make sure that individuals are protected from potential hazards. Similarly, part of the inspection of a new home is to make sure that the home has a good foundation.

Our faith works in the same way. In the book of Matthew chapter 24, Jesus references how listening to God and putting his words to practice is like a wise builder who has built his house on a rock. This house is able to withstand rain, rising streams and winds. Because the foundation of the house is on a firm rock, it will not be shaken and it will not fall. This was contrasted with a house on sand, which would surely crash and be destroyed in poor weather conditions.

If we choose to not listen to the Lord's words, or to not put His words into practice, our faith is like the house built on sand. With challenges in our lives, it will surely crumble and fall. But if we practice our faith like a wise builder, we can be unwavering when difficulties challenge our faith.

Reflection: What steps can you put in place to ensure that your faith is built on a strong foundation, and not on sand?


In this passage from the Book of Matthew, we learn to be a wise builder to have a strong foundation in our Christian faith. Worship with gospel music, contemporary worship music, hymns, and praise music as you read your weekly blog to reflect on whether your faith is built on a rock or on sand. Music and devotional study are available through Christian Calm Radio.