But the angel said to them
"Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today in the town of David a savior has been born to you: he is Christ the Lord."

- Luke 2:10

The story of the birth of Christ is an everlasting celebration that we commemorate most during Christmas. There has been prophecy that has foreshadowed the coming of Jesus through the old testament. The birth of Christ fulfills the preparation for a prophet like no other emerging from Israel.

When we study the narrative of Jesus's birth, we observe the perspective of several key individuals. There was the virgin Mary, who must have been bewildered as to how she could give birth when she was a virgin. There was Joseph who was a righteous man who was mindful to not disgrace Mary but was prepared to quietly divorce her. Both were reassured by angels that this was God's will and shared with them the good news that were to come. Joseph and Mary obediently followed through and trusted in God. Joseph takes Mary to be his wife and Mary gives birth to Jesus.

When Christ was born, the angel appeared before others as well, including the shepherds and the magi, who came to greet, welcome, and worship Jesus, the new King.

In each of these perspectives, we see the evidence of God arranging for messengers to help reassure people and provide guidance when people feel afraid or uncertain of situations that we do not understand. Through them, we learn that we too can rely on God to help us understand when He has plans for us that we do not comprehend. We just need to follow and know that good news is to come.

And what good news this is! The birth of Christ is not only a lesson for our faith, but the most important element of the story is that we can rejoice about the gift of Jesus. For God has shown His love for us by sending his Son, the lamb of God, for our salvation. Hosana and hallelujah, for we have much to rejoice this Christmas and for all the days in our lives.

Reflection: Take some quiet time and review the passages that describe the birth of Christ and how Joseph, Mary, the Magi and the shepherds found out about the news. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you might have felt hearing the news when the angels appeared to you. What can you learn?


Let us focus this holiday season on the Christmas narrative in this week's devotional study. We can learn from the various people that were present for the birth of Christ and apply those lessons to our faith. To help you celebrate this important Christmas season, we also have Christmas music, hymns, carols and worship music available on Christian Calm Radio to help you in your quiet reflection or in your festive celebrations.