He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

- Mark 5:34

God heals our physical wounds, mental burdens, and emotional turmoils. Whether suffering from an illness, an injury, mental health challenges, stress, a broken heart or grief, we can draw strength and comfort through our faith.

The gospels narratives have numerous accounts of Jesus healing the sick, the possessed, those with disabilities, and more. Throughout the bible, there have also been many stories where biblical characters turn to God during times of trouble, suffering, and pain. God performs miracles, or provides wisdom and comfort to those afflicted with life's challenges.

While God does not always respond to prayers in the way we think, we can trust that He is there for us and He loves us. Healing is possible through our faith. It does not always happen in the way we expect.

The story of the bleeding woman in the gospels is a perfect reminder, however, that faith is an important aspect of healing. In this narrative, a woman believes in Jesus and touches his clothes in hopes that she would be healed. Jesus felt His power leave him. The woman is healed. He affirms that it is her faith that has saved her and she can now find peace from suffering.

Reflection: Where in your life do you require healing? Pray for God to give you strength and provide healing in your life.


Invite God to provide comfort and healing in areas of your life where it is required. Learn in today's devotional how faith can play a role. As well, enjoy worship music through our various Christian music channels, which includes hymns, gospel songs, contemporary worship music and instrumental music.