A gentle answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger.

- Proverbs 15:1

Clumsy, rushed, easily excited, and somewhat like a bull in a china shop, I am not one who behaves with gentleness naturally. This is as much to do with my actions as it is when it comes to my words. Although I consider myself friendly, polite, and generally good natured, I will admit that my speech can be abrupt and I can be quick to respond without much grace. Sometimes, I am driven by the need to be correct, and my focus on accuracy can come across as judgement or being argumentative.

This can lead to awkward and defensive conversations. Even if my intentions may not be anger, the lack of gentleness in my answer can lead others to put their guards up. This is unproductive if we wish for others to listen. To get through to others, it is far easier through kindness. If someone is already in a heated state, harsh words would only add fuel to the fire and create barriers to relationship building.

As Christians, we are enthusiastic to share the gospel. We want to show others the way and our steadfastness in our faith can be intimidating for others. This is why it is essential that we not only follow Jesus, but also in his gentleness. He leads with love, without judgment and with a kind gentleness that can get through to others. Let us be gentle like Christ in all we say and do.

Reflection: When confronted with difficult conversations and personalities, how can you demonstrate greater gentleness?


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