See what great love the Father has for us that He would call us His children. And that is what we are. For this reason the people of the world do not know who we are because they did not know Him.

- 1 John 3:1

God is the perfect father, who loves us and cares for us. This week, as we are planning celebrations for Father's day, let us also remember our Father in heaven who is not only our creator, but considers Himself our parent. We look up to Him, look to Him for guidance, and rely on Him to help us in every situation. No matter how we may rebel or frustrate Him, He continues to love us abundantly. He forgives us when we have wronged Him, leads us to the right path when we have gone astray, and He listens to our prayers. And yes, He does correct us and discipline us as a good parent should to help us be better people and to be successful in life.

When I think of the father and child relationship, I think of how doting, protective, and loving a good father is towards his child. He raises his child with patience and unrelenting devotion, teaching the child to be a good, capable person who adds value to the world. For the child, the father is one of the most important relationships in the child's life. The child depends on a parent for survival and as a role model to learn how to be and exist in the world. A child is at times helpless and needs the rescue of a parent, whether that be physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Our Father in heaven, is an elevated, prime example of this relationship. He is the Dad who is always present and never gives up on us. He never leaves us.

And we can feel ever so loved as His children, always.

Reflection: Pray and have a conversation with your Father in heaven through quiet time.


Happy Father's Day as we contemplate our relationship with God as His children in this week's devotional. As you spend quiet time in developing your faith and relationship with God, you can also check out traditional hymns, contemporary worship music and gospel music on Christian Calm Radio.