Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge.

- Psalm 16:1

What does refuge look like for you?

For those living in fear, a refuge may be the opportunity to feel protected. For those surviving violence, a refuge may be a place of safety and security. For those who are suffering, a refuge may come in the form of a reprieve or freedom from pain. For those who feel overwhelmed, it may be the experience of peace and quiet.

There were many examples in the bible of people who were persecuted, oppressed, or running away from danger. King David, for example, had several moments where he had to flee. He wrote Psalms that depict him seeking refuge, and finding it in God. This refuge is both applicable in the physical sense, but also emotionally and spiritually.

There have been times when life has been trying. These are especially times when I am experiencing pain, grief, fear, and uncertainty. In those moments of helplessness, I find that I turn to God, desperately, as my beacon of hope. In those difficult moments, when situations are almost or actually out of my control, God is the only refuge and comfort I have. I count on Him to protect me, guide me, care for me, strengthen me, and restore me. It is in these times that I feel my faith the strongest, because faith is the only thing that can sustain me during these times.

And when I trust in Him, the path and light will suddenly become apparent. Sometimes the reveal is slow, and there are lessons to be learned, but ultimately, I know that God is there for me. He is my refuge.

Reflection: How is God a refuge in your life?


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