I will praise you as long as I live, lifting up my hands to you in prayer.

- Psalm 63:4

For kids, receiving praise is an important element for building their self-esteem and providing them with encouragement. Yet, unlike a child, God does not require our praise to build his confidence. What is the purpose of praise and how do we praise?

Think of a moment when you praised a colleague, or an adult you respected. As the person giving the praise, what was the purpose? In reflection, I believe that in those moments, I am demonstrating a recognition for that individual's accomplishments. I am communicating my admiration, my trust in that individual's abilities, my support, and in some circumstances, my thanks. Do you concur? Similarly then, I find that in my praise of God, I am exercising the recognition of God Almighty as sovereign, with admiration and my pledge of support, and expressing my gratefulness.

As to how praise is done, there are the usual traditions, such as worshiping through song, praying, expressing through art, prose, or poetry. It can also be done by integrating praise in our actions, through the ways we serve and interact with others, the ways we work, and the ways we live. What is key is the intention, the acknowledgement and submission to God, and the awareness that we are not doing things for ourselves, but because we want to honour God and His importance in our lives. For all that God has given us and how He continually answers our prayers, it is the least we can do as a small act to show our appreciation.

Reflection: How might you integrate praise to God in your daily life?


Praise is this week's theme for our music channels and our online blog. Let our devotional study and worship music accompany you in your quiet time with God.