The Lord will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one Lord, and his name the only name.

- Zechariah 14:9

This past weekend, parts of the world celebrated the coronation of a new king. It made me reflect and think about our King of heaven, King of all things, King of Kings, King eternal - Lord our God. Being our King, what does that tell us in terms of our relationship with Him? Here were some key elements that came to mind:

1. A good King takes care of his subjects. There is an element of care, responsibility, and protection for those under the rule of a King.
2. There is respect, admiration and obedience to the King as the top and final authority and power.
3. A King is a leader whom his subjects can follow. He has vision and plans for which we carry out.
4. Order and stability can be achieved by the reign of a good King, whereby he sets the law, the attitude, and priorities for which we follow.
5. A King relies on the support, skills, and resources of those within his kingdom to keep communities running.

As a Christian, I have always gravitated towards thinking of my relationship with God as one of father and child, creator and being, saviour and the one being saved. But in so many ways, respecting and honouring God as our King brings a different appreciation for God's role in our lives. We look up to God, our King, and rely on him to bring order and make sense of the world. We are in awe of his power and we strive to follow his instructions. We accept him as the ultimate authority, and the all powerful.

Whether you live in a place that has a monarchy or not, know that there is a King in heaven that watches over you. He is the King eternal that we can submit our lives to, and serve. In term, He too, has served us through his son Christ Jesus through His sacrifice.

Reflection: Do you acknowledge God as your King?


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